Thursday, 26 May 2011

Product Test - Barbara Daly for Tesco Face Lift

I am only 26. So probably a bit young to need a full facelift just yet. However with the stress of the last few months behind me - there is no denying that my face could do with a bit of perking up. I have naturally quite dry and dull skin so often look at products that add a bit of shimmer and glow to my complexion.

I remember from many years ago hearing good things about the Barbara Daly range for Tesco. And I was in Tesco buying more of my favourite tee shirts (I never buy food from Tesco funnily enough) and I just cant resist a cosmetic browse.

The Face Lift caught my eye. The packaging is nice, very simple and you get a generous 30 ml for £7. Getting the product home I have used it now for a couple of weeks. I have very sensitive skin which will get irritated by many products but this does not cause me any reaction. It slides on effortlessly and smells yummy. I usually wear it under foundation (Clinique at the moment) but on a more casual day it looks nice on its own. It would be great for women who don't like wearing a heavy base but want to improve the look of their skin.

I will try the face lift foundation at some point, as the quality of this product is much higher than its £7 price tag.