Thursday, 14 April 2011


"it's only important to use your time well well time is something nobody can buy and nobody can sell you so don't let anybody tell you they have the advantage" Ani Difranco

Apologies for the lack of action on the blog. Its been a terrible couple of months at work - when real shit hits the fan its so hard to focus on anything else. Although I like to think I have been maintaining my glamourous side - just need to find more time to write about it!

Does anyone else think that time goes by too quickly? The older I get the faster it flies by. I have spent the last too months being incredibly unhappy - a job where I am not appreciated, not wanted there....taking this home with me and being stressed. Talking too much about work at home, worrying so much, going to the doctors after letting myself get so ill...what a waste of time! I have found myself marking time on the calendar, not exactly counting down, just marking time - until what I am not sure.

Time is too precious to spend it being unhappy. I've got a real chance to reconsider how I use my time now. Of course thinking, deciding, reflecting it all takes time. I can sense the next few months are going to be ones of change for me - its scary, not something I have done for a while, but its too easy to count your life away.

This blog is accompanied by a picture of my cat who has no such worries.

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