Thursday, 30 December 2010

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour - a review

As I used a new product today, and started this blog - it seems to make sense that my first proper post will be a review.

I am going to review John Frieda's Precision Foam Hair Colour, a relatively new addition to the extensive range of hair colours already available. The colour I used was Medium Chocolate Brown (5B). I decided to dye my hair at home after having highlights and going quite blonde in early summer, they had started to grow out, look brassy and I thought they made me look washed out in the winter. I started the transition from dark blonde to brown with a semi perm a couple of weeks ago - I think it was L'Oreal. This stopped the change being too drastic.

The folk at John Frieda claim that the dye is much less messy than other dyes, it provides non-patchy and multi-tonal colour.

Its simple to use, the usual add the colour to developer - but don't shake just tip the bottle. Very good quality gloves are provided, and they are black which made me smile :) The dye is very easy to apply, you just squeeze the middle and out comes the foam, some reviews have mentioned that its hard to squeeze the foam out, I didn't have this problem at all and I am a wussy need a man to open jars kind of person. It is dead easy to apply - you just load your hair with foam and massage. BUT the foam gets everywhere - all over my bathroom, way more than an ordinary dye! Although once it was on my head the dye didn't drip at all, I didn't need a towel. The smell was an average hair dye smell, not overly pungent but not lovely, it started to get a bit cloying in my small bathroom - but it is a windowless room.

Developing it looked very red which was surprising but I didn't mind as I quite like a bit of red. Washing it out was easy and the conditioner smells nice - the portion is enough for three uses for my medium length quite fine hair.

It dried as a deep dark brown with red and gold tones. A lovely colour, I really like it. My hair also feels incredibly soft and I keep touching it. Its shiny too which is lovely after having dull blonde hair for a while. Because I applied it onto my hair with bleached and highlighted streaks and my natural quite dark roots you can see a colour gradation from the top to the bottom but its coverage is quite impressive and it looks nice and even. I have a few quite stubborn greys and I am pleased to report I can't see them!

Overall I would recommend the product but go for a lighter shade than you think you will need as my hair really is quite dark!

The Cold, Hard Facts

Name: John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour
Price: £9.99 (on offer at Superdrug though)
Available: most large shops e.g. Boots, Superdrug, Sainsburys
Pros: Good coverage, lovely colour
Cons: Messy, very dark.

Please note: You should always do an allergy test.


  1. Is it easy to apply by yourself or would it be better to have another person to help? I quite fancy having a change of colour now. Is this a permanent dye or so many washes dye etc? Think I'd prefer one that would gradually wash out because I'll have my highlights redone in the next couple of months ready for brothers wedding... wouldn't mind a temporary change though! Caz xx

  2. Hiya Caz - Yes it was easy to apply by myself really easy actually - but note the comments about mess, as you can imagine with foam its easy to accidently flick around.

    It is a perm colour (I needed one as its similar to my natual colour and I don't want to be a slave to doing my roots every two weeks!). If you want a good semi-perm colour (24 washes) try the L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss. Also really easy to apply, good range of colours and leaves hair feeling really soft. This is the one I am informed Cheryl Cole used to go red with (mahogany) a few months back! They do perm and semi-perm so read the box!


  3. Funnily enough, I dyed my hair yesterday, using this product too. Mine was called something like Cherry Brown, or Chocolate Cherry...

    I had the same experience as you -I managed to get a big blob of foam on my wall (and have a stain there now as I didn't clean it off properly), but no drips from the foam. Also happy with the colour, though it was darker than I was expecting. I also have a lot of grey -but not any more. :) purps x (I have to be Miss R for my school blog!)