Friday, 31 December 2010

Nails Inc Christmas Mini Collection

Well another opportunity for a review has presented itself. Nails Inc. is one of my favourite nail brands, mostly for the colour Jermyn Street which is a wonderful taupe (will write more about that colour next time I wear it) so my husband decided the Christmas Mini Collection would make a nice Christmas pressie for me. I knew as soon as I saw the shape of box what the present was! The piccie next to this is from House of Fraser.

There are five colours in the collection in small 4ml bottles - the size doesn't bother me as I am fickle about nail varnish colours and rarely will use a whole bottle before it goes too sticky to use anyway. The colours are: Maddox Street - a gunmetal grey with a hint of sparkle, Aspen - a rich red which is deep and glossy, Seville Street - a royal purpley blue shade with a subtle blue sparkle, Haris Crescent - a gold/bronze colour and Jubilee Place - a fine silver glitter.

The colours which immediately leapt out at me were Seville Street (the purple/blue) and Maddox Street (the grey). Both are very wearable suitable for day wear colours which look best with two coats. Seville Street looks navy blue in the picture but it is more of a vibrant shade than that. The brush is small but applies well - I found one dip enough to paint each nail (however I will note I have small fingers and quite short nails - anyone with long falsies may need more than one dip) and the texture as you apply is good. The red and gold colour both only needed one coat - the red is divine, a very smooth sophisticated red, slightly more muted in shade than most bright reds but still striking. The gold is not really my cup of tea but I will probably wear it on my toes with a tan and gladiator sandals in the summer, there I can see it coming into its own. The glitter is, well, a glitter!

Overall it is a nice set and one I would recommend for newcomers to Nails Inc or as a gift. Although it is the Christmas Collection there is no reason why you would not be able to wear the colours at any other time of year - they are not really obviously "Christmassy". I wore Seville Street for 3 days with no chips and this was despite the fact I did not bother with base or top coats - my experience with Nails Inc is colours will last a week in reasonable condition if you use base and top coat and wear washing up gloves when doing cleaning/washing etc!

The set was on offer at £10.50 (from £15) in House of Fraser. I believe this offers good value for money as a regular sized Nails Inc bottle will cost you at least £10 which is expensive, especially if you are not sure if you like the colour.


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