Thursday, 30 December 2010

Welcome to my blog...

If you are wondering about the's where I usually am in my head. Bordeaux is a chic and lively city with a good buzz and atmosphere, cooler than Paris (also as it's quite far south it is normally a lot warmer and sunnier than Paris!) and yet with that laid-back French city vibe.

This blog isn't just about France though, although it will feature, I will be writing about my daily experiences, the things that make me happy. I adore make-up, fashion, shopping, shoes, good food, cocktails with friends, good quality wine with my husband - all these things will feature! I will also do reviews of new products and old faithfuls, share some recipes for yummy food, pass on some make-up tips and generally share my outlook on life. Not sure how interesting this is to many people...time will tell.

I hope you visit sometime, have a read and a nosey into my life, one lived Secretly in Bordeaux...

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  1. Great first blog Tasha! Really captured my imagination! Caz xx