Saturday, 1 January 2011

Lake Vyrnwy

Today we went to Lake Vyrnwy - a nature reserve and reservoir in Mid-Wales. I love Wales, the peace, the space, the rolling hills. Today it was beautiful. The drive took just under 90 mins from our home in Shropshire, time spent chatting, reflecting on 2010 and sharing our hopes for 2011. When we got there we were surprised that parts of the lake were still frozen - there was a thick sheet of ice over the area near the bridge, so thick that large rocks were able to rest on the ice. It was stunning.

We sat in the hide and watched the birds. A few years ago Lake Vyrnwy featured on the BBC programme SpringWatch, at the time we were living in Surrey and I remember really looking forward to the day we lived nearer and would be able to visit. As it is a nature reserve the RSPB have installed a few bird watching hides with guides to the birds you will see. It was quiet in the hide but a few birds braved the cold to feed in front of the windows - it was magical watching them, totally absorbing. We drove home tired but happy and feeling refreshed.

The picture above is one of me at Lake Vyrnwy in April 2010. Spring was late getting started last year and there was still some snow on the ground in high places. I am looking forward to returning in spring, and again in summer, hoping the birds will be busy and will put on a good show for us.

A happy place. Happy new year.

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