Friday, 21 January 2011


I am truly very excited. Next weekend I am going to stay with a friend. It means rushing out of work as early as possible and battling with the motorway traffic (the M40 will be horrific on a Friday evening!). But when I have made my way through seven counties the drive will be worth it!

This is a very special friend, one of those friends who you can share pink wine and giggles with but also rely on for honest advice, sympathy and chats. Someone who doesn't make nasty, sabotaging comments like many girls do.

I expect we will drink a fair amount of wine(I love red wine but it does make a change from sharing with my husband to have white or bubbly), eat lots of lovely food and no doubt do a fair amount of shopping. But I know we will have a fabulous time.

What would we do without our friends?

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